Communication & Liaison

Formal means of communication with partners and other stakeholders, including the Aboriginal Community, will include:

  • OONAH Friends Network
  • E-newsletter (hard copy to some members)
  • Reports to funding organizations
  • Presentations/ update reports to philanthropics
  • Presentations to key organisations/ stakeholders, including service clubs
  • Annual Yarra Ranges Council briefing
  • Website

OONAH does not seek to have a media profile, though it will respond, when appropriate, through the Chairperson to media enquiries

Informal community input is to be gained through:

  • Program feedback
  • Monthly ‘meet and greet’ events
  • Evaluation processes
  • Oonah Friends Network

The Oonah Friends Network will operate as an informal ‘sounding board’ to facilitate two-way communication. The Group will be convened every 4-6 months (or more frequently if an issue deems necessary), for friendly and mutually beneficial discussions.

The Friends network aims to:

  • Represent the voice of the wider Indigenous community of the Yarra Valley and, in particular, the Healesville region
  • Provide organisations and individuals with a channel for direct input to the decision-making and operation of the proposed Healesville Belonging Place
  • Demonstrate to key stakeholder bodies and funding sources that HICSA is able to speak on behalf of the local Indigenous community, while accepting that there will always be differences of opinion on some topics
  • Provide a forum for networking of like-minded people/ organisations, and act as a discussion forum for topics of relevant interest
  • Promote a general feeling within the local community and in the external community that the Healesville Indigenous community is progressing and is able to act cooperatively to address at least major areas of social need.