Oonah Health & Community Services Aboriginal Corporation was registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act in 2019. It was formerly known as Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association (HICSA) which was incorporated in December 2009.

With an objective “to establish a welcoming and culturally affirming place in Healesville that provides a central point of contact for Community members, to access information, services and programs that are focused on building a healthy, strong and skilled Community.”

The Corporation and its members are committed to working collaboratively and harmoniously to achieve this vision and to work towards the general betterment of Aboriginal people and, specifically, for the advancement of Aboriginal people in Healesville and the Yarra Ranges.

Oonah continues to honour the work of the founding members and the Board and staff work together to ensure sound and transparent governance, guidance, and quality delivery of services to Community. Oonah maintains a small but growing team who give generously of themselves to maintain a range of program and the delivery of high quality services to Community needs. All programs, events and provision of services are underpinned by a deep commitment to Aboriginal culture and Community. This is supported by our adherence to the Core Cultural Values of Respect, Caring and Sharing.

From its earliest days, Oonah adopted a Reconciliation model of engagement. Our Reconciliation model reflects our commitment to Reconciliation, and the healing of relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people at both the local and regional level. We are committed to providing a mix of direct and partnership-based delivery which provides for increased access to the broadest range of services for Community. This is guided by the Oonah Board’s commitment to reducing barriers to service access, advocacy for change and maintaining a strong program of partnership activities, which enrich programs more appropriately delivered by Oonah under self-determination. Oonah works from a central tenet that culture is fundamental to everything. Where individuals are along their cultural connection journey, respect for culture is paramount when providing services and care planning. At Oonah, we strive to uphold a culturally respectful approach that includes and strengthens all peoples, traditions, stories and culture, now and for future generations.


A healthy, strong and skilled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community acknowledging the diversity in Melbourne’s Outer East.


To establish and operate a base from which an integrated program of health, well- being, education and employment services for the Aboriginal Community is delivered within a cultural framework of respect, caring and sharing.


Respect, Caring, Sharing